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Omg 6 books. I only had 2 lol. Im taking apush, ap physics, ap calc, drawing and painting 3, and american lit and those are all in order! what do you have maybe we have some classes together! I only got my calculus and physics books yesterday and i got APUSH in June for my summer reading ugh i still haven't started my notes for it! But you can actually drive on streets! you pro. compared to me its like im just starting:( i still have to drive on the streets and get used to it!


We don’t have any classes together :( DANG! ap physics! You go girl!! I didn’t want to take APUSH bc I just don’t like american history so I took regular, but these are my classes Spanish 7 ( My mom made me :/) APEL, AP ART HISTORY, american history, and just plain old statistics. for apel we just have to read a really GOOD book and study 90 terms which isn’t that bad because we studied lots of vocab in APEC. But WOW you have a lot of good classes! I would be too scared to take AP physics XD I’m just taking regular :). I know a lot of my friends who still haven’t taken or signed up for any AP classes, at least they could take AP ART history because its really EASY A!. Yeah and you can only drive with like your parent or something in the car but I’m no pro hahahah, I still need to get used to it and stuff :D 


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